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Fetch Tripadvisor Reviews in a Jiffy. Yuup, you read it right. Itโ€™s easier than ever to bring Tripadvisor reviews to your wordpress website now. All thanks to WP Social Ninja.

People may wonder why this is important. Because nowadays, it takes more than just a website to win over and keep clients in this highly competitive digital market. Maintaining a strong online profile is very recommended. Integrating your websites with social media is a must if you want to take things to the next level. With WP Social Ninja, it’s easy to highlight your greatest content by highlighting user-generated content like posts, reviews, comments, and more. It’s a top-tier WordPress social networking add-on.

Thousands of companies have put their faith in WP Social Ninja to integrate their websites with social media. WP Social Ninja has many more features than just displaying testimonials. Among the many options, we demonstrated how quickly and easily to set up a New Notification Popup.

Of all those features of WP Social Ninja, in this video we talked about how to show reviews from Yelp on your website. You can even customize how you want to show the reviews on your website. You can choose from multiple templates, and youโ€™ll get numerous options for styling.

Some of the mentionable features of WP Social Ninja are:

Social Feeds and Reviews
All-in-one Chat Widget
Easy integration with social platforms
Multiple stunning templates and layouts
100% SEO friendly
Real Time synchronization
Supports all page builders

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Configuration
01:20 – Settings
03:43 – Style
04:44 – Outro

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