|| Best study websites on chrome Part#1 #shorts

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I first discovered on TikTok,🌸 and it is such a cool concept that makes studying ten times less distracting, and 🌸ten times more aesthetic. 🌸You can choose from multiple sceneries,🌸 from an outdoor cafe to the 🌸waterfalls of a tropical island, and you can also🌸 control the volume of the ambience.🌸 also has a Pomodoro timer you can use so you can space out your scheduled study time versus break time. It’s really nice to have this website going on in the 🌸background while you are studying, and it’s especially serene when you’re busy with finals.🌸Its a must try website & made your study time fun!😊
Created by InShot:
👉Music: She’s The Moon🌺
👉Musician: Carl Storm🌼

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