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“Is it Really Possible to Last Longer than 60 Seconds in Bed, Without Having to Use Dangerous Pills that Kill all the Senses?…”

Prevent Premature Ejaculation.

Our independent review finds out the truth about such claims found in a brand new resource to help men suffering from premature ejaculation…


Ejaculation Trainer Review

According to statistics, at least 30% of all American males suffer from premature ejactulation. And I say at least, because in reality there are many men who are far too embarrassed to admit their problem to anyone but their partner.

In fact, it’s a worldwide problem that seems very difficult to resolve. And if you’re suffering from PE, then you’ll know what it’s like when you…

• Can only last 30-60 seconds
• Feel embarrassed and inadequate
• Dread sex, instead of looking forward to it
• Worry that your sex life and relationships are on the rocks because you can’t satisfy her
• Worry she’ll go elsewhere for her kicks?

But don’t worry, because there is hope. But before we get into that, you need to know the truth about PE and why you’re even reading this page in the first place…

Why haven’t you found a solution already?

There are many reasons for PE, almost as many reasons as there are “solutions”.

First of all, as an adolescent, the masturbation habits you developed may have led to this problem. Typically adolescents masturbate with the intention of reaching orgasm quickly, thus premature ejaculation has been “programmed” into your system.

Secondly, the body sees sex as a way to reproduce. Humans are one of the very few species on the planet that has sex for pleasure, not just for reproduction. Therefore, we’re not designed to last for hours in bed…because physically, it is simply not required.

And the reason PE happens in guys mainly under 40 years old is because they tend to be healthier and produce more hormones. And that means they have a more efficient reproductive system.

Put simply, ejaculating quickly means your reproductive system is working as nature intended. So relax, there’s nothing wrong with you in that sense…but you simply need a way to safely and naturally control it.

You see, once arousal reaches a certain tipping point it becomes almost impossible to hold back ejaculation. But when you can tweak a few mental and physical factors you can push your tipping point farther and farther so you last longer and longer.

The “trick” is to be able to train your body to build a tolerance to even the most titillating sex sessions and increase your staying power. So now you know what’s causing PE, you should also know what to avoid when trying to cure it…

Problems With Other Products

The problems with many other products Desensitizing creams and sprays merely kills your erection, because it causes it to feel numb. The creams also rub off onto your partner and she’ll lose her senses too (and not in a good way!)

Basically, any pills or any non-prescription remedy having to do with sexual peformance should be approached with extreme caution. Not only that, but they plain don’t work most of the time…and who wants to rely on pills every time the moment takes them?

Heck some of those pills and potions can even cause even further sensitivity and change the colour of your pee! Some even contain chemicals that cause irritation, and others are just snake oil (i.e – they’re selling a lie).

It’s a bit like the people who bottle water and then market it as “fresh from the mountain, pure…”. It’s purified water, nothing more.

And here’s something you should also know:

There’s no such thing as an herb or other chemical compound that makes you last longer. Even the greedy billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have so far failed to get themselves a patent for a prescription ejaculation cure.

Then there’s the condoms designed to “help you perform”. I tried them with my girlfriend and she told me that “it did nothing for her”…and she wasn’t the only one. Besides that, I still didn’t manage to last longer.

And as for the many books and guides out there – well let’s just say in my experience, they either take too long to apply in the real world, are filled with jargon and theory or worse still, they are just mere words of encouragement that don’t offer enough real advice for you when you’re “out on the field”.

And I’m not sure about you, but I had reached a stage where I was sick and tired of reading or hearing about the same old stop-and-go or squeeze exercises most people pass around.

However, there’s one particular product which is already proving to be highly effective and is nothing like these past types of products. It’s called the Ejaculation Trainer.


What the Heck is the Ejaculation trainer?

This entails a THREE-pronged process that safely “re-wires” your ejaculatory reflex and ejaculation response.

On one prong, men must focus on mental control. Various emotions, thoughts, and perceptions are proven to cause premature ejaculation. What you bring to the table mentally will be a determining factor of how long you last.

On the second prong, we focus on regulating certain chemicals and hormones that help cause early ejaculation.

On the third prong, we focus on the physical aspects of ejaculation control. There are many things you should and SHOULDN’T do physically if you want to control and delay ejaculation.

The combination of fighting this problem from both the mental, chemical, and physical level is what makes this program so incredibly effective. So effective in fact, that they actually guarantee a dramatic increase in your staying power if you follow their step by step system yourself.

What makes the Ejaculation Trainer Unique?

The Ejaculation Trainer guide basically provides you with a system which other resources fail to realize…

A system which ties together the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of overcoming premature ejaculation, and also provides step by step advice, plus it warns you of the common mistakes you should avoid too.

Other methods act as band-aids and/or teach the wrong way to ‘re-wire’ the ejaculatory reflex. They do nothing to PERMANENTLY solve premature ejaculation. The method and approach over at are based upon giving you the healthy ability to last as long as you want.

The best part is, with the techniques found inside’s guide, along with their unique approach you can actually feel and enjoy the pleasures of sex.

Who Is It Right For?

This is a perfect solution for guys all around the world who need real life advice which works…without having to resort to desperate “band aid” type solutions which often do more damage than good.

And because this is such an embarrassing problem, it’s great that you don’t need to provide personal details, or speak to anyone face to face either.

So if you’re slightly self conscious and on a budget, then this is the product for you.


Check out the official site below:

Prevent Premature Ejaculation.


Click Here To Download The Ejaculation Trainer Guide


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